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American drone manufacturer Autel Robotics focuses customers' attention on the unique photo and video capabilities of its products. Its products use sophisticated, patented technologies. For example, the Dynamic Track 2.0 system, the quadcopter's battery locking mechanism or LED landing lights. The features and characteristics of the drone are already in the public domain, we suggest you learn more about them.

What's special about the Autel Evo 2 quadcopter

Why drones with Autel Evo 2 cameras from the USA are so popular

It's hard to surprise anyone with just a portable drone design. But combined with its other features, it has exceeded expectations. It's not just a premium drone with a good camera. This is a new unique modification option, the fact is that by buying one model from the series, you can buy a camera from the series separately, previously there was no such technology in folding drones. Evo 2 has eight new intelligent flight modes. It recognizes and tracks about 64 objects, and it is not only people, but also animals and vehicles. And the exact calculation of the return time of the drone is done automatically. In addition, regarding the option "Return Home", it has a function RTH, that is, it returns in case of insufficient battery level forced by the pilot or, having lost communication, automatically.

Other important features of the Autel Evo II

  • Visualization with high dynamic range, i.e. HDR video mode. You can independently choose one of three mechanical 3-axis interchangeable suspensions in which the cameras are located.
  • The weight of the drone varies depending on which camera is mounted on it. The range in grams is 1127-1192.
  • The maximum flight time, FPV removal distance and horizontal flight speed are 35-40 minutes, 8.5-9 km and 72 km/h respectively.
  • The built-in memory of the device is 8 GB. In addition there is a possibility to use microSD memory up to 256 GB.
  • Color logarithmic profile (log color profile) for maximum efficiency of the camera sensors capabilities.
  • Many drones lack a foldable beam design, here it is.
  • Equipped with an LED display, the EVO II controller gives you the ability to switch between telemetry and FPV information via the camera on the drone.
  • You can control the drone with or without your cell phone as a screen. The thing is that the controller has its own bright OLED display (3.3 inches). But, if you want to have 2 displays at once, this is also possible. One will have telemetry and the other will have FPV. If you connect a mobile device, you can combine control.
  • 12 sensors for collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance, as well as two ultrasonic sensors that work on the basis of the Autel Dynamic Track system.

What pendant modules for the Autel Evo 2 are available to users

  • The 586 pendant type allows you to use the mode for 8k video (25 fps) and shoot photos on an 8k camera ( 48MP), 6k camera (30 fps), or 4k. In the latter, you can choose to shoot at 60 fps or 30 fps with video streaming speeds up to 120 (Mbps).
  • The 383 type of suspension is a mode for 6k video and 6k (20MP) still photography on an Ultra-HD camera equipped with a one-inch sensor. It has an adjustable lens aperture from f/2.8 to f/11 and video resolutions of 4K (that's at 120 frames per second) and 5.5K (that's at 60 frames per second).
  • The Autel Evo II drone mount with two sensors is equipped with an infrared camera. Thanks to the infrared camera, it is possible to shoot infrared images at 60 fps in two ways: 640*512 320*256. As for video, the camera records 720P video in dual mode at 30 fps.

Let us tell separately about the patented technology of this UAV with a commutatorless engine. One of them - a unique in its kind mechanism of rapid removal of propellers. It, the quadcopter Autel Robotics Evo II Pro Orange, by the way, is also called the orange Mavic. The fact is that the EVO DUAL version is a competitor to the Mavic 2 Dual.

How this remote-controlled camera drone overcomes obstacles

The Autel Evo 2 quadcopter includes a 360-degree all-around obstacle view system. As you understand, it completely eliminates blind spots. This viewing angle is provided, again, by patented landing LED lights combined with twelve optical computer vision sensors and two ultrasonic sensors.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI), together with the DYNAMIC TRACK 2.0 system, builds safe paths to avoid obstacles in real time, even at high speeds. That is, having such capabilities, the drone tracks possible obstacles on the way and successfully overcomes them. Autel Robotics received a patent for the DYNAMIC TRACK 2.0 system.

Intelligent battery

The battery is located in the back of the quadcopter and is larger than the battery in the EVO I. The battery type is 3S LiPo and has a capacity of 82Wh, with a capacity of 7100mAh. By pressing the button, you can check the current battery charge.

How much does it cost to buy an Evo II

Asking the question how much a drone with a camera costs, you should understand what requirements you have for the device. After all, depending on which version the model belongs to, the cost varies.

There are three versions of the device (EVO II SERIES)

  1. The first and most affordable model is Evo. This is a drone, equipped with a half-inch sensor, with a 48 megapixel 8K camera without the ability to set the number of quanta (adjustable aperture).
  2. The PRO model has a 6K camera, with a 1-inch sensor and adjustable aperture. This version, in experienced hands, does a great job of taking professional photos because of its technical capabilities.
  3. The Dual version, in addition to the sensor included in the basic package, is equipped with a thermal sensor. The resolution of the IR camera can be 640*320 or 640*512 at 60 frames per second. That is supposed to be two models of the device version Evo II Dual.
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